Scott Wyckoff, Broker, New Construction Specialist, Land Sales and Acquisitions

All superheroes have a weakness, for Scott, it's hot and sour soup. It gives him the hiccups, but as long as he stays away from the liquid kryptonite, he's unstoppable. Which is a good thing, because NwHomeStyles wouldn't run without him. Scott is known for his focus on driving business results for clients and his proven ability to expand and win new business. He's a brilliant negotiator, as you'd expect from someone who spent over 25 years in real estate, and a guru of the ever-changing real estate landscape.

He identifies trends before they emerge, leading the charge, not chasing the pack. A land wizard to boot, if it's out there, he most likely knows about it, months before it hits the market. He's the guy builders and developers call to get a leg up, talking new construction in his sleep. Scott helps craft winning strategies for clients while outsmarting, outworking, and out-innovating the competition and his clients love him for it.

But, his impressive resume only communicates a sliver of who Scott is, think of Scott as an engine. He'll get you where you want to go, and do it with utter enthusiasm, clarity of purpose and a unique capacity for helping everyone involved learn something new along the way.